September Food Days to Infuse

Are you sick of hearing about back to school stuff this month? I am. Let’s instead turn our attention to fun food holidays we can celebrate this month—because we’ve got some great ideas about how to make those cannabis holidays!

Here are some great ways to infuse those September food days (because we all deserve a tasty, elevating treat, no matter how silly the excuse).

National Cheese Pizza Day – September 5

For this year’s National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5, throwback to our very own infused pizza recipe. Cheesy pizza is perfect for infusing, because it’s nice and starchy (so you won’t get knocked on your hinder as easily) and has lots of fats for those cannabinoids to cling to.

We recommend giving at least three of your favorite cheeses some airtime this year, and naturally, infuse with Cheese, or Blue Cheese if you’re kinda fancy (or more into napping).

National Chocolate Milkshake Day – September 12

Do you need an excuse? Okay. It’s National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

To infuse a shake like this, just use our infused milk or cream.

To make a classic Black and White chocolate milkshake, place in a blender:

  • As much high-quality vanilla ice cream as you want
  • Infused milk or cream
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Optional: malted milk
  • Optional: instant coffee for the Broadway version of the Black and White

Blend until creamy. Enjoy (as if that was optional).

National White Chocolate Day – September 22

Oooh, want a quick and easy—and elevated—way to get that white chocolate in for National White Chocolate Day? Start with our Perfect Pot Brownies. Leave out the cocoa, use flour in its place, and add in high-quality white chocolate, in bite-sized chunks.

Don’t forget the infused fats!

National Cooking Day – September 25

Would it have been more on the nose if it was National Baking Day? Maybe. But this year on the 25th of September, make it your day to celebrate cannabis cooking! Why not test your infusion skills by making some tapas, or a whole meal?

National Lobster Day – September 25

That’s right, the 25th is double trouble with National Lobster Day also being a thing. What we’re feeling this year is a huge, decadent pan of our infused Mac and Cheese—with lobster in it. All you have to do is fold in the lobster before baking, eat, and bake again. Yum.

National Pancake Day – September 26

Not gonna lie, in a very real way, EVERY day is National Pancake Day in my heart. We shared our pancake and waffle recipes with you long ago based on this important truism. In honor of cannabis-cakes, make yourself a full stack.

National Coffee Day – September 29

Bulletproof coffee in white ceramic cup blended with butter and coconut oil. paleo, ketogenic drink breakfast. flat lay

This is one of those days we can all get behind. National Coffee Day is the perfect way to end a long, hot September. Infuse your morning cup your way, whether it’s bulletproof or less intense.

Final Thoughts on September Food Days

We are legit excited about September at this point! Maybe this whole focus on food days is the way out of awkward, emotionally draining holidays we’ve been searching for. Enjoy your infused September!

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