New Year’s Resolutions for People Who Love Cannabis

Yes, it’s that time of year! People all around you are buying gym memberships and swearing off smoking, drinking, and waking up in strangers’ apartments for posterity. But if you really love cannabis and want to make some resolutions that count, we have a few ideas.

Resolved: Try More Edibles

Why? This is the pothead’s version of, “stop smoking,” but more realistic. Plus, it really is a good idea to mix up your methods of consumption—and to give your lungs a break, both.

Resolved: Use Cannabis and Do Stuff

If you find yourself vegging out on the sofa a lot after using cannabis, you are in excellent company (and we’ll see you there, probably soon). But it’s just as easy to use cannabis to get creative, active or social, so change it up this year.

Resolved: Learn How to Roll a Joint

It’s so embarrassing, isn’t it? You have 4 different desktop vaporizers but you still can’t roll a proper joint. This is the year!

Resolved: Start Bogarting Again

Before COVID-19, we used to chastise ourselves for taking peoples’ lighters accidentally after smoke sessions and not passing quickly enough. We were right—those are not good form! But now that all smoke sessions feel canceled forever, we just wish we had the chance again. (Okay, this isn’t the real resolution—the real one is to participate in cannabis culture as soon as safely possible once again.)

Resolved: Try New Stuff

The next time you’re in the dispensary and the budtender asks if you’ve heard of whatever the hell that is, and of course you haven’t, try it! Try something new. Accessories count.

Resolved: Never Arrive Empty-Handed

All kidding about COVID and bogarting aside (don’t do it), never arrive to a smoke session empty-handed. Assuming they start up again.

Resolved: Take a Tolerance Break Now and Again

Every once in awhile your body and endocannabinoid system just need a reboot, like anything else. If you’ve built up a tolerance, give yourself a break and a chance to get all of that THC out of your system.

Resolved: Try Some New Cannabinoids

Maybe add some CBD into your routine, or a nice CBG-rich strain. Who knows? Maybe an aged strain with lots of CBN can help you sleep.

Resolved: Pay Attention More

Here’s the thing. Politics suck and they seem to attract the worst among us at times. But they’re also important to our everyday lives in ways we don’t always see—ask anyone who lives in a state that has transitioned from cannabis prohibition to medical marijuana or recreational cannabis. Get informed enough to be a regular, informed voter and support your community.

Resolved: Just Freaking Tell Your Doctor

Just come clean, if you haven’t yet, about your cannabis use. Don’t make a special cannabis confessional appointment, but the next time you go in, casually let your doctor know.

Resolved: Grow Your Own

If you’re in a place where you can, why not grow your own cannabis plants? You’ll be surprised by how nice it is to harvest them, and how wonderful the flavor and aroma can be.

Resolved: Actually Make Edibles

Yes! You can do it this year if you haven’t started already. And you can send us a message if there’s something you want to make and we’ll see if we can figure it out!

Final Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions for People Who Love Cannabis

If you’re a new year, new you person, well…you’re a bigger person than anyone over here. But either way, we can relate to the motivating idea of a better year! So we hope these ideas were useful, or at least amusing to you. And Happy New Year! See you soon in the kitchen.

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