Is It Worth It to Make Your Own Edibles?

Check out this (semi) simple flowchart and find out.

We all love cannabis, right? And who doesn’t love stuffing themselves with delicious foods? So it seems obvious that cannabis edibles are a winning idea.

The real question, though, is how to get the perfect cannabis edibles for the exact experience you want. This is what leads so many of us to either a) buy every product we can find, and try new edibles all the time, so often finding just the taste of disappointment, or b) try to DIY it at home, only to spend hours on the process.

So: is it worth it to make edibles at home?

You’ll be glad to know that we have used the magic of science (see how we did that?) to figure this out once and for all. Use our handy flowchart to answer these questions and you too will know the answer.

  1. Is money a thing for me?

Because if the answer to this question is “yes,” you might want to give making your own edibles a try. In fact, you might have to at some point!

You can expect to pay at least a few dollars per dose of medical-grade cannabis, and that goes up for products that are tastier, in our experience. And if you have a higher tolerance? You’ll be paying even more.

So if money is absolutely THE object, skip right to Question 9. If not, keep going.

  1. Do I have tons of time on my hands?

Because if the answer to this question is “no,” making most kinds of edibles might just be out of reach for you. We have a lot of ways to cut down on the time, but the bottom line is, it does take some planning to get it done. And compared to just rolling into a dispensary and buying a bag of whatever? No contest.

So if you’re pretty booked up and have no time, skip right to Question 10. If not, keep going.

  1. Do I love the taste of corn syrup, citric acid, and other cheap fixes for taste?

Because if the answer to this question is “no,” making your own edibles is the way to escape the hell of artificial flavors. If you’re picky about the way stuff tastes, you’re absolutely going to like your own a lot better, once you get the process down.

Picky eater? Skip right to Question 9. If not, keep going.

  1. Am I applying for a job in a cannabis manufacturing facility?

I mean, most people just don’t need to know how to make these damn things. But if you actually want to get into the business? We take that back.

If you’re breaking into The Cannabis Industry, skip right to Question 9. If not, keep going.

  1. Do I want to control my dose?

Because a lot of people make their own edibles for this exact reason! They either want a higher dose option, a way to microdose orally, or want more in-between choices depending on mood and setting.

So if you like to take charge of how big and small your doses are, skip right to Question 9. If not, keep going.

  1. But really, do I need to?

See, the flip side of this is that it’s REALLY HARD to control your dosing, even when you’re super careful and doing the math. So if it’s critical to your health to control your dose, it may be a smarter idea to buy your edibles.

If you absolutely need to rely on a marked dose, skip right to Question 10. If not, keep going.

  1. Do I love to cook and bake?

This is pretty obvious, but really important, because making your own edibles really does take a lot of kitchen time! Don’t even try it if you consider cooking and baking a chore.

If you don’t love cooking and baking, skip right to Question 10. If not, keep going.

  1. Do I own at least five kitchen items that no one else can identify without Google?

See, this is not a real rule, but making your own edibles can take some equipment. Sure, you can make do as long as you have the basics, like cheesecloth, a great fine-mesh wire strainer, a thermometer—okay, see what we mean?

Yes, mystery kitchen equipment is your jam? Go on to Question 9.

If you hate the idea of that stuff, skip to Question 10.

  1. You obviously should be making your own edibles, so is there a good reason you haven’t tried it?

You’re going to be great at this! It takes some work, but we have great recipes. Save time with concentrates and infusing ahead of time, and you’ll be on top of it in no time!

  1. Making your own edibles seems like it may not be the best fit for you; is there a really strong additional reason you want to try it—and any reason you really don’t want to buy cannabis edibles?

No offense, but it seems like maybe making your own edibles isn’t exactly your jam, no pun intended. But we still think more people should try it! So if you can think of any reason at all, we support you!

And remember, we have really easy things to try on this site all the time. So why not get exactly what you want?

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