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Cannabis Milk and Cream

Sure, everyone loves a good pot gummy, but that’s really the Kindygardy of edibles. There is so much more you can do with cannabis infusion, though. Anyone who cooks with cannabis already understands that THC oils, tinctures, and cannabutter are wonderful to have around the kitchen. But cannabis milk and canna-cream are their own sort …

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Cannabis Cooking Oils

You heard it here first: there is no better way to get into cannabis-infused eating and edibles than through using cannabis cooking oil. From cannabutter to infused olive oil, with infused fats you can eliminate smoke and add more cannabis to your life in one awesome move. The trouble is that cannabis infusion can be …

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Get ready to be excited about something, even if you’re the most seasoned stoner or jaded cook. Making velvety-soft cannabis-infused cheese at home is fast, easy, and leads to things like infused cheesecake, bagels with infused shmear, infused artichoke dip and buffalo dip—so many delicious things. You’ve got to try this. You’re going to love …

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