Infused Spaghetti

If you’re out to impress someone but you’re more into deliciously simple home cooking than fancy dishes you can’t identify, this is your post. Oh—and if you love eating your cannabis in food, yeah, this is also your post. See, in this post we’re going to show you how to make the best spaghetti and …

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Infused Fried Rice

When it comes to those foods you can really chow down on as a cannabis fan, few can compete with some serious restaurant-style fried rice. And that goes for both the sheer recreational user/stoner and the medical marijuana patient who is just having trouble eating. In this post, we’re going to show you how to …

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Actual Pot Pies

Whether you like yours veggie or with meat, you’ll love a pot pie with actual pot in it. And it’s easy to do, because anytime you make pastry, you have a buttery opportunity to infuse what you’re eating with cannabis. Bonus: add infused EVOO to the gravy, too, if you want. Particularly if you’re a …

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Infused Mac and Cheese

Ahhhhhh. There are few more stonerific foods than Mac and Cheese. And you know what? There are few better comfort foods, period! Cannabis fans love comfort food, only turned up to 11. And that’s what this pan of velvety-smooth, baked mac and cheese is like. So, no. This is not the time when you add …

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Infused Pizza

Pizza is truly already among the world’s best foods. It’s tough to argue against infusing it with cannabinoids, is it not? The argument for cannabis infusion may be particularly strong, say, during a snowstorm…or an endless summer. When it’s time for a party…or just a romantic night at home. I guess what I’m saying is, …

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