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Lemon Cream Pound Cake

A classic pound cake recipe consists of 4 equal parts of butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. The formula is so simple that the French call it tot fait, or “soon made” because it is quick to pull these basic ingredients together into a dessert. Pound cake is dessert’s equivalent of a blank sketchbook full of …

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Infused Strawberry Cake

Warmer weather means longer days,  and longer days means lazy afternoons with cake and cannabis goodness. In this post, we share a simple recipe for cannabis infused strawberry cake. It’s the best excuse for an afternoon snack! The berries soften and sink into the rich crumb, while the sugar adds a little crunch to the …

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Cookie Butter Brookies

It’s true, people love brownies AND cookies, so smashing them into one entity was bound to happen. The brownie + cookie mash-up has been a favorite for a while. Usually, it’s a brownie with a marbled chocolate chip cookie topping. Sometimes, it is a two-faced cookie that’s half brownie, half cookie. For this version, the …

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Peanut Butter Fluff Cookies

The Fluffernutter Sandwich is more American than apple pie, and not because the peanut and marshmallow combination is a part of every American kid’s childhood. Once upon a time, peanut butter and marshmallow cream were patriotic flavors. During World War I, people were encouraged to reduce their meat intake for the war effort, and ham …

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Pecan Pie High Cookies

These gooey pecan pie (high in the sky) cookies are infused with cannabis and a dash of southern hospitality. Enjoy the flavor of pecan pie in the format of an easy-to-execute cookie! This recipe packs a lot of butter, which makes it the perfect vessel for an edible cookie. Pie is a fussy affair – …

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