Best Pot Brownies Ever

Yeah, we know, you’ve heard that before. And we say it knowing full well that this is early 2021—a year that is already shaping up to be 2020 in heels that hurt, badly. But these are the best cannabis-infused brownies ever. They just are. First, they’re the best brownies, period. Second, we are going to …

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Infused Baba Ganouj

Are you afraid of eggplant? Stop it, it’s good if you cook it right. (You’re right though—it sucks if you’re not good at cooking it.) In this post we’re going to show you how to love eggplant by learning to cook it well. Baba Ganouj is the logical first step, because it’s totally easy—and because …

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Infused Pizza

Pizza is truly already among the world’s best foods. It’s tough to argue against infusing it with cannabinoids, is it not? The argument for cannabis infusion may be particularly strong, say, during a snowstorm…or an endless summer. When it’s time for a party…or just a romantic night at home. I guess what I’m saying is, …

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Get ready to be excited about something, even if you’re the most seasoned stoner or jaded cook. Making velvety-soft cannabis-infused cheese at home is fast, easy, and leads to things like infused cheesecake, bagels with infused shmear, infused artichoke dip and buffalo dip—so many delicious things. You’ve got to try this. You’re going to love …

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Infused Buttermilk Biscuits

Big, fluffy, flaky, buttery biscuits. Still hot from the oven, melting with butter and whatever else you like—honey, gravy, we don’t judge. What could be better than all of those golden brown, buttery layers—never heavy or hard, always soft and delicious—unless it’s the cannabis-infused version? In this post, we’ll show you how to make the …

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Super High Super Bowl

Hello everyone, including you Sports Ball fans out there. I will start this post by just saying it: I hate the Sports Ball and everything associated with it. But I love food and snacks, especially when they are infused with cannabis. And any party that is basically centered around delicious, decadent snacks is something I …

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